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Local Artist: Stuff For Sale, $20 and Under

Hey everyone! I'm a local artist (North Hero), and I've just recently put some of my things up on consignment at the Artist's Mediums at Taft's Corners in Williston. Since Christmas is around the corner, I'm hoping it's alright if I did a little bit of plugging with the wares I'm selling - most of it for kids, but I think they would be wonderful Christmas presents, or any kind of gift really :)

If you have any questions about the links and items below, feel free to let me know, Ok?

Feathers & Fur: A Gryphon Activity Book ($10): A cute and fun activity book for kids (or grown-ups being a kid at heart!) with lots of colouring pages, puzzles, connect-the-dots and more :) The book is 8.5 x 11" and has 30 pages.

Baby Animals: Paint with Water ($15): 10 illustrated pictures of various baby animals, each with their own paint palette! Palettes are perferated, so that once they're painted, they can be easily removed so that the picture can be displayed. Or, mix and match palettes! The kit also includes a paintbrush, so all you need is a cup of water! :) The pad itself has 10 pages, a title page, chipboard for the back, and is 8.5 x 11".

Doorway to Summer ($20) - this tiny oil painting is only 2x2"! In the photo, it's shown next an American Quarter so you can get an idea of just how small this painting is. It comes with a display easel (not shown in the photo).

Gemstone Dragon Bookmarks ($4 individually; $12 for a set of 6) - I have only three available sets of printed bookmarks for the Gemstone Dragons, and in fact, if you buy them as a set you're saving money! Although you can also buy them individually. To see what they look like, here's the links: Emerald, Ruby and Pearl; Sapphire, Opal, and Amethyst.

Clax Bookmarks ($4 individually; $10 for a set of 4) - These are the last of the Clax Bookmarks I've made, and just like with the Dragon bookmarks, I've only made 3 sets of 4 bookmarks, the rest are being sold individually. Featuring my purple gryphon character, Clax! You can see what they look like Here, Here, Here, and Here.

Again, if you're interested in checking these out, they're on sale at Aritst's Mediums in Tafts Corners, Willston, VT. If go there and you're not sure where my stuff for sale is, just ask to see the products on consigment by Lisa Cotton. And their webpage also offers printable coupons so you can get even more money off! =D These things will be on consigment in the store until the end of January, or while supplies last :)

Thanks so much for looking/reading! :)
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