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Most excellent concert by the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival

My wife and I went to the opening concert of the series this afternoon, and it really rates a 'most excellent' in my book. It was at the Elly-Long Music Center of St. Michael's college this afternoon.

The East Coast Chamber Orchestra (ECCO) is a group of players that really know how to play ensemble; Considering how much time they have to develop that ensemble presence and playing, they did a fantastic job. I have heard professional orchestras that were not as 'together' as this group was. Many kudos for them bringing this together so well!

The first piece on the program was also quite excellent in itself; it was an arrangement by 23 yo Micha Wiancko of variations on La Follia after Francesco Geminiani's interpretation. The variations were well done and interesting, and, perhaps most of all, fun! I would love to have a recording of that work!

The other two pieces on the program were Mozart's violin concerto No.5 in A major with the Soovin Kim, the Artistic Director of the festival, as soloist, and Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings. Both of these were quite good as well and both received standing ovations with the final piece demanding 2 curtain calls!

If you get a chance to hear some of this festival and the ECCO, do it; they are doing several performances around the area this week, a few on Church St. If you enjoy this sort of thing, you won't regret it at all.
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